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Woodstock Chiropractic

100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractor in Woodstock GA • Phone: (770) 693-7618
Make Your Health a Priority!

Patient Testimonials

No More Medication!!

Healthiest in her Office!

Great News!

Highly highly recommend!!

Jennifer B.

❝Wow!! I cannot say enough things about this place! I have a severe reverse cervical curve and scoliosis, have been in severe pain my whole life. And now since going to Dr. Colby for a little over a year, I am not fatigued and I'm in the best health I have ever been, also I have been pain-free! He adjusts both my children, great with babies! Highly highly recommend!!❞
Jennifer B.

Exited about what's to come!

Stephanie A

❝I cannot say enough good things about Colby Family Chiropractic. I went in with severe neck pain, and after just one adjustment it was practically gone. I have been going for a few weeks and now and I feel so much better. I am so excited about what's to come!❞
Stephanie A

Top Notch

Jon C

❝Top notch are and great front desk personnel. Highly recommend this practice. I'm very satisfied with them so far and I don't anticipate going anywhere else!❞
Jon C

Absolutely amazing

Payton L

❝Dr. Colby is absolutely amazing also a great person in general.❞
Payton L

Amazing Staff and Knowledgeable

Tyson B.

❝I have been visiting Dr. Colby for years now. There staff is amazing and knowledgeable. Try them out. ❞
Tyson B.

Better version of myself!

Jonathan G.

❝Every time I leave Dr. Colby's office I'm a better version of myself. Any pain in my low back is relieved. Dr. Colby is part of my team to making my lifestyle healthier. I really appreciate his care and recommend him to anyone having pain.❞
Jonathan G.

Simply the best!!

John E.

❝Dr. Colby & Dr. Wendland-Colby are the very best! I have been seeing Dr. Colby regularly for about 6 years. I tried 3 or 4 other chiropractors before finding this practice. All were good, but Dr. C, was simply the best! I'm a firm believer in the medicine of Spine alignment for a more productive lifestyle! And staff, wow, they don't come better! Super friendly, very helpful, just a great all around experience!❞
John E.

Love the staff

Gideon B.

❝I love all of the staff here!❞
Gideon B.

Guides each patient toward a healthier lifestyle.

❝Several years ago, I was suffering from sciatica. After unsuccessful orthopedic treatments, I went to Dr. Norman Colby to give chiropractic treatment a chance. Within 4 treatments, I started feeling relief. Shortly thereafter, my sciatica symptoms totally subsided. I have been going to Dr. Colby ever since. He views each patient as an opportunity to provide their body the unimpeded and innate ability to heal itself and to guide each patient toward a healthier lifestyle.❞
Taylor B.

Moving like I did in my 20's!

❝Their office has a more family style setting, The doc and his staff make you feel like family and not just a patient. I was suffering from major low back pain due to my weight but now I'm back to moving like i did in my 20's. I would highly recommend Woodstock Chiropractic to everyone I meet.❞
David A.

I have never felt better!!!!!!!

❝I absolutely LOVE Woodstock Family Chiropractic. I feel like Woodstock Family Chiropractic is my second home. I am one of those people that believe in Chiropractic care and after moving to the area 6 1/2 years ago I have found it hard to find a Chiropractic clinic to call home, NOT ANYMORE!!! I stubble upon them at one of Woodstock's Summer Concert Shows. I thought hey why not try it out, boy I am so glad I did!! I felt so comfortable and welcomed right away! Lisa Marie is sure a true treasure there. She always has a smile on her face and is always happy to see you and greets you by name. Dr. Gahli always make me laugh and smile, even if i am in pain and shows concern for any issue that I may have and helps me feel better and pain. I can tell you that I had been seeing another chiropractor in the area for issues after a car accident and needless to say they didn't help me or solve my problems. THANK GOODNESS I found Woodstock Family Chiropractic, I have never felt better!!!!!!! If you are looking for a Chiropractic, then this is the place for you, you not only get the care you need and are promised, but you feel at home!!

Eva E.

Love it!

❝Love Dr. Colby at Woodstock Chiropractic. He relieved me of my foot pain. He will work with your insurance or with you if you have no insurance. Check him out.

Kenette B.

Most personable and best doctor I have ever been to!!

❝Dr. Colby is by far the most personable and best Dr I have ever been to!! He truly cares for his patients and make sure you get the care you specifically need!! His staff is amazing as well! Always makes you feel welcome❞
Amanda M.